Works / Projects

El cerro del tesoro
Video, audio
2008 - 2011
4:3, b/w, stereo
30 minutes 24 seconds

In 2008, Martínez went to record at the Cerro del Tesoro, a hill in Zapopan where he experienced important events during his childhood and adolescence; most of it had been destroyed to build the Santuario de los Mártires, a church funded by Guadalajara’s episcopate.

Martínez began to explore the place by trying to get to the area where the machinery was, narrating never ending stories about it. As he analyzes how to take this work to other countries, Martínez thought of subtitles, projected via video, which led to the idea of presenting this work as a documentary without visuals that lasts thirty seconds.

This piece has been screened both as a scheduled film and in a gallery-museum setting as a loop. Most of the spectators wait for the visuals, which never appear.