Waiting for something to happen


Stereo audio
Length 14:00
With the support of Espacios Revelados / Changing Places, Siemens Stiftung and Goethe Institut

Waiting for something to happen I read for endless hours, getting closer to some of the mastodon novels I had been dreading. The theory doesn’t work for me right now, I believe Houellebecq more than Žižek: after the pandemic everything will be the same, but worse.

Waiting for something to happen I listen to my vinyls over and over again. Sometimes I start with the D-side and from there to the beginning; I also let the final hiss run for many minutes, as I never did before, there is no rush of anything.

Waiting for something to happen I started with topiromat, then gabapentin and amitriptyline; I supplemented gabapentin with pregabalin and amitriptyline with Núcleo CMP Forte. Then amitriptyline returned, Núcleo CMP Forte remained and we started with Cortiment MMX. Waiting for something to happen.

Waiting for something to happen, we went to Zapopan, Tala, Teuchitlán, Ahualulco del Mercado and Etzatlán. We passed through Amatitán and have not been able to go to Tlayacapan or Malinalco.

Waiting for something to happen and fed up with myself I try to explore again and again my space. I often practice yoga, or the asanas I remember; I would think it is more stretching, although I practice yoga long before the rise of stretching and all those new forms of yoga that have little or nothing to do with yoga.

Waiting for something to happen I have tried to make a new work, merely and purely auditory. Contemplative, relaxing, introspective. Horizontal. Elaborating synthetic sounds and intertwining them to form different aural layers, accompanied by everyday sounds: ringtones, alarms and notifications. As habitual as they are exasperating. Demolishers of silence. Companions of pandemic weariness.

You can listen to the piece here.

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