With the boots on


Video animation and Rey boots
Length 2:58

An animation of a barefoot stroll can be seen On the screen, the background is integrated by diverse landscapes that have been important to Martínez and many other people part of the alternative or underground culture in Guadalajara. Contrasting to the current status and glamour of the Dr. Martens brand and other countercultural referents, outside the screen a Rey boots are placed, like the ones punks (and laborers) from Guadalajara used during the eighties and nineties.

There is a phrase that says “moriré con las botas puestas” (“i’ll die with the boots on”).

To walk barefoot, to take the costume off? To leave all clichés behind?

Nostalgia? Criticism? Utopia?

Text by Esteban King Álvarez

Category Punk, counterculture