Inside me


Vinyl and typed text

Length 8:23

The distorted voice of the artist narrates his experiences, direct and indirect, with violence and drug traffic. Street shocks, friends and acquaintances involved with the distribution of narcotics drugs, table talk with the family, news that daily talk about drug traffickers, neighbors in the business who die on any Sunday, friends who consume start selling…Who does not know stories like these? Who has not lived them in their own flesh? The friend, the cousin, the neighbor, the girlfirend, the acquaintance, the friend of the firend… The drugs, the violence and the drug traffic not as news of the press, but rooted in the deepest, in every crumpled sheet of everyday life.

Next to the turntable is the typed transcript of the ntire recording, as if it had been obtained in a police interrogation. “now I see”, he says at last, “how drug trafficking have always been around me: inside me.”

Text by Esteban King

Category Mexico, politics and society