8 audio channels, length 21:20
Neon 120 x 240 cm
In collaboration with Edgardo González (Cenotaph), Bárbara Lázara and Emicel Guillén

The voices of Edgardo González, singer of the legendary Mexican death metal band Cenotaph, and Bárbara Lázara, vocal artist, establish a conversation where the sound comes from the throat, the gut, the pelvic floor and the stomach. The lungs explode and emit an almost animal-like sound in which the interaction between the two generates an immaterial saturation of space. In this performatic exercise, the memory of music, counter-culture, death metal and free improvisation appears as the representation of an uneasiness.

During the exhibition of the work in The will of listening at Ex Teresa Arte Actual, there was a live performance with both voices and the reading of some fragments of Pascal Quignard by Martínez.

Text by Amanda de la Garza

Category Notes on stealth