The possibility of inventing a story


Video, stereo audio

Length 13:55

With the support of Cultura Jalisco and Sistema de Apoyos a la Creación y Proyectos Culturales

Audiovisual essay by Israel Martínez produced from texts by various writers and historians, and with the collaboration of several artists, which reflects on the myth of Mexican identity, centralized power in Mexico and the present of indigenous people.

Through a succession of images captured with mobile devices, as a tourist record, of the archeological zones of Guachimontones, Teotihuacán and Ixtépete, as well as the National Museum of Anthropology, arranged in a documentary or educational video fashion, and with brief experimental fragments, the artist travels, contemplates, doubts and talks about Mexican’s relationship with archaeological sites and the construction of collective stories that dynamically and contradictorily shape their identities.

Text by Paulina Macías

Category Mexico, politics and society