Love and Rage


Performance, installation and radio work
Light object 34 x 300 cm, 6 channels audio system, 5 portable speakers, publication
Variable duration

With the support of CTM Festival, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program and Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte del FONCA

Aimée Theriot
cello, reading

Brad Henkel
trumpet, reading

Casey Moir
voice, reading

Emilio Gordoa
percussions, reading

Mariel Supka

Diego Martínez
electronica composition for portable speakers

Emicel Guillén
publication design

Aural choreography for an audience temporarily deprived of their sight. By using a multichannel amplification system, portable speakers, instruments, objects and the voice, we fill the space with moving sound, leading the audience into a contemplative and auditory state that allows us to convey some ideas from writers, artists and activists in a close and intimate manner, like a caress in the ear. At the end of the performance, attendees uncover their eyes and find a luminous object with the word PERSISTENCE, while a barely perceptible sound continues for a few minutes. Upon leaving the site, a publication with some of the texts read in the performance is delivered to the public.

9 performance sessions were held at daadgalerie, Berlin, at the CTM Festival. A tenth session was conducted exclusively for Deutschlandfunk Kultur, which broadcasted the piece as a second phase of the exhibition and offered a podcast version in binaural format for a season.

The piece is a tribute to those who remain critical today, to the activist struggle, and the cultural resistance.

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