Works / Projects

South of heaven
In collaboration with Diego Martínez
Stall with 500 CDs, printed banner, stereo sound on speakers and stereo sound on headphones
Several dimensions and durations

In 2006 the ex-president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, started a battle against some of the drug cartels, producing a destabilization in structures of power, economy, and giving rise to corruption and violence throughout the whole country. Approximately 70,000 Mexicans have died since then; meanwhile, the US increases arms sales, controls the movements of the cartels (classified as terrorist organizations by the US government), gets invests from drug distribution in banks and business, and supplies drug consumption. As a smart strategy, US works from its territory, exerting its power in Mexico as well as in other countries and regions around the world.

Created for the exhibition PCFS-PostColonial Flagship Store at freiraum quartier21, MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, this stall (which simulates a common street stand of pirate products in Mexico) offers CD-Rs containing an audio work made with sounds from the Mexican Drug War: shootings, kidnappings, executions, celebrations and other rituals of “narco”, as well as demonstrations, crying and mourning. On a monitor we can read an account of personal experiences with drugs and “narco”, who reflects on the proximity of any Mexican to this topic. The only sound we hear openly in the installation is the inhalation of cocaine, the “axis” of the current world, according to the persecuted writer and journalist Roberto Saviano.