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After some events that require extensive vigilance, as in London during the Olympic Games, or in Guadalajara after the assassination of a drug lord, police forces often continue this routine for a while, taking advantage of this in order to implement new measures to control the population:

On 29 July 2010, the Mexican militia killed one of the country’s most powerful drug lords, “Nacho” Coronel. Several hours later, the President visited Expo Guadalajara, an important convention center. I used to live nearby, and we were held under a state of siege for several hours, cornered by military and police forces. This was not the worst part, since from then on, several times a day for the next months, helicopters patrolled the area, thus modifying the soundscape and placing citizens under direct surveillance.

During the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the police increased surveillance in the downtown area by using helicopters. I realized months later that this continued, despite the residents’ complaints.

Soundscapes suffer radical changes due to socio-political events. Listening tells us about our context. This work includes sounds of helicopters captured during both events.